Bán đảo Linh Đàm, Hoàng Mai Hà Nội

The story behind

Being a family living at the end of the 1980s, my parents faced many adversities. Especially when I was born, being a child having a sensitive skin caused so much trouble to my parents. At that time, there was only one choice of body soap in the market. It was called “black” soap, an aid product from Soviet Union. The soap was typical of being dry, firm, much bubbles and probable of causing skin allergy.

Through those months and years, my Papa himself searched for ways to make bars of soap, which I could really enjoy having a bath and a healthy and good smelling skin. They are indeed wonderful gifts from nature and much love from my Papa.

Papa makes natural soaps for his daughter

My Papa used to be a chemical engineer. He knows quite well about nutrient components in natural ingredients. He is also well aware of the harmfulness of chemical substances existing in industrial products.

He believes that everyone deserves to have a safe cleaning solution for their faces and bodies. Therefore, he dreams of sharing his safe cleaning solutions to every household, cutting down poisonous wastewater released into the environment. Introducing soaps, made from my Papa’s love and diligence, to everyone for daily use in face washing, having a bath and hair washing, is the first step of the journey of making my Papa’s dream come true.

Products of “Papa’s Dreamer” are handmade, homemade and heartmade by my Papa for everyone who used to be a child and consider you as our family members.



Papa sets the daily limit of production, so that he can devote wholeheartedly in making soaps with diligence and happiness from a balanced life.


– Palm oil
– Animal testing
– Nylon & Plastic in the whole production process and packaging


Main ingredients are coconut and olive oil, mixed with various herb powders nourishing skin naturally and distilled natural essential oil


Soap is directly made of plant-based oils and sodium hydroxide in low temperature through saponification of 8-10 weeks, a period of which is long enough to reach a balanced pH level.